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Transition Readiness
  • Risk assessment
  • Retention strategies
  • Due diligence preparation

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M&A Services
  • Acquisition
  • Transition
  • Divestiture

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Major Business Changes
  • IPO
  • International
  • Restructuring and turnaround

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TransitionPoint HR

Your business partner for strategic transitions:  M&A, turnaround, restructuring, IPO, international expansion.

TransitionPoint HR develops and executes the right human resources strategy for successfully achieving your business transition goals.  We will help you optimize business performance by anticipating and preparing for the consequences of your business transaction on employees and your cost structure and ensure that the staffing, total compensation, retention, and employee services required to support your business transition are quickly and effectively implemented.

For our M&A clients, we identify and quantify the hidden risks and liabilities in target companies that could result in a financial burden that prevents the achievement of the full potential value of the business.   By understanding the full impact of the transaction on the people and the related financials, the transaction team can better predict the likely outcome and can structure the transaction to maximize the opportunity. The right foundation for reaching your goals includes the right people, the right strategy, the right cost structure and the right plans and programs to motivate and reward achievements.

Our clients are private equity firms, investors, or companies preparing for sale, acquisition, IPO, restructuring or international expansion.

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