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Risks of any business transition include the diversion of management’s time and attention from the core business, unanticipated costs and the ability to retain and hire skilled employees. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make during an important transition is not anticipating the disruption that results when the business plan and operational strategy fail to address the consequences on people, performance and costs or the stress and fear created by change. Change requires the right  foundation upon which to build.  TransitionPoint HR has the experience and knowledge to develop and implement the right staffing model, compensation plans, employee benefits, communications, and HR infrastructure and programs to support your business strategy, mitigate your employment risks and to fit your new financial footprint.

We are the right partner for you if your business is acquiring, selling, restructuring, growing, expanding internationally, or in a turnaround or liquidation process.

We provide full M&A services from conducting due diligence through the completion of the post-acquisition (or post-divestiture) transition. By staying engaged through the process, we establish  relationships with the deal team, the seller and the target company creating confidence that the issues that matter most to the people are anticipated and dealt with professionally from the pre-deal strategy through the completion of the transition.  You will receive the input you need to understand the impact the people, practices and programs have on the costs and balance sheet as well as the financial and business risks you face in your transaction.

Compensation projects include executive compensation, equity plans, incentive plans, compensation structures and performance management. Benefit plans are evaluated, designed, transitioned and implemented globally. Labor issues are addressed in the pre-deal strategy and changes in employee or operational plans will take union and works council needs into account. International HR programs will anticipate and fit with local employment practices and regulations. HR services and programs will mitigate risk and will be customized to fit the culture, cost structure and goals of the leadership team.

With expertise in the financial, operational and motivational aspects of human resources programs and plans, TransitionPoint HR will focus on the most critical and relevant issues to be addressed in your transition.