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What We Do

Whether you are acquiring, selling, preparing for sale, restructuring, in a turnaround process, expanding internationally or planning any major change to your business model, as your transition partner, we commit to:

  • Conduct financial and operational due diligence on all human resources matters including employment, compensation, benefits, practices, shared services, structure and HR programs.
  • Provide insight on the impact of transaction or change on your people, the effectiveness of your human resources programs and the achievement of your business goals.
  • Help you retain, motivate and incentivize your key employees through the transition.
  • Provide cost estimates with respect to HR practices, benefits, compensation, staffing and agreements and work with your financial team on the financial model for HR matters.
  • Manage the rapid completion of the key human resources actions needed to meet your transaction goals—employee communications, staffing, employee benefits, compensation plans and programs, performance management, HR services, reporting and record-keeping and support of payroll and transaction processing.