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Our Approach

Your Dedicated HR M&A Partner

When you rely on multiple specialists including lawyers, accountants and consultants to conduct your due diligence and provide transaction advice, it is up to you to understand how each set of data relates to your transaction and how each decision impacts the success of your strategy. Our approach is different.

We can address the human resources issues across all major disciplines and consolidate your data points—we are your point of contact for HR matters. Let TransitionPoint HR:

  • Summarize the due diligence findings and legal terms and create relevant analysis that you can relate to your investment analysis and operational strategy.
  • Understand the cost, risk and strategy human resource implications of the deal terms.
  • Identify the potential obstacles to getting the results you want and help you remove them.
  • Represent you professionally in dealing with the seller, the target company management and the employees you hope to retain and motivate.
  • Execute your human resources plan, taking care of all of the details so that you and your management team can stay focused on the core business activities.
  • Supplement your human resource team with experience in all aspects of M&A transactions to participate in the pre-deal strategy and create effective, aligned transition strategies.

Customized Solutions – Rapid Deployment

Each solution is customized to your needs but based on years of experience and precedent projects. This experience and access to similar, tested solutions means that we can complete our projects quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. TransitionPoint HR has:

  • Due diligence templates, questions and requests that are quickly customized to your transaction. A relevant set of data requests and questions saves transaction time and demonstrates respect for the seller.
  • Access to dozens of incentive compensation plan examples and plan designs and benchmark compensation data to provide a starting point for your new compensation solutions.
  • Experience with, and access to, hundreds of purchase and sale agreements provides the ability to quickly understand proposed terms (reps and warranties, asset and liability allocations and employee covenants) and to recommend changes or additional terms to support the transaction goals.
  • Templates for offer letters, employment agreements, equity plans, benefits communications, incentive compensation plans, employee handbooks, performance review programs and employee presentations provides the basis for quick customization to meet your needs.