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Business Transitions

Going Public

  • Develop equity compensation plans – design and implementation
  • Update HR governance and reporting requirements compliance
  • Prepare employment policy updates
  • Modify staffing plans to reflect new positions and public company experience requirements
  • Identify required changes to key performance metrics and goals


  • Staffing model for human resources
  • Establish employee benefit programs
  • Rewards and recognition strategy
  • Compensation structure and programs
  • Interim HR leadership

Expanding Internationally

  • Develop the staffing strategy for international locations
  • International assignments (expatriate programs)
  • Recommend and implement locally appropriate human resources practices and policies
  • Compensation program development aligned with local practices
  • Pay and benefit programs and administrative services implementation


  • Job design and staffing strategy
  • Downsizing and plant closures – project management of all employment related actions
  • Compensation plan changes to reflect the new business model
  • Cost reductions in employee benefits and human resources administration

Compensation and Retention Strategy

  • Develop new, aligned performance metrics
  • Recommend and document job design changes
  • Develop the new compensation strategy
  • Develop or revise incentive compensation plans to align with the new business model
    • Short-term management plans
    • Long term incentives
    • Equity plans
    • Sales incentive compensation plans
    • Plant-wide or production plans