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Transition Readiness

Whether you are thinking of selling or have made the decision to sell, you want to maximize the value of your business.

Typically 50 – 75% of the operating costs of a business are costs of employees and 100% of its success is as a result of the performance of employees. When you are maximizing the value of your business, optimizing your profitability is critical and how you motivate and reward your team is key to achieving your goals. Before you start the due diligence process, engage TransitionPoint HR to reduce risks associated with your human resources plans and to ensure that the potential buyers don’t find value detractors in your human resource programs.

  • Audit of human resources programs to identify strategic risk and value detractors
  • Recommend actions to reduce risks and increase long-term business value
  • Retention and incentive plans to align business and key employee goals
  • Evaluate change-of-control implications
  • Identify hidden costs and liabilities associated with HR programs and plans (before the buyer does!)
  • Transition strategy including for corporate divestiture (carve-out)
  • Sale agreement review, input and negotiation strategy
  • Management of the sale side human resources due diligence process